Increase Customer Engagement

Dont know why the blog that I did was gone missing after I uploaded. So I have to write this over again! Did it happen to anyone before? Social media marketing is important for any business, no matter you are a small company or a major corporation. Most companies uses it to increase exposure for […]

Information sharing by Wiki

Global Journeys operates various types of coach touring and river cruise all over the world, and the actual conditions and environment in destinations changes frequently. The changes may include the weather, the natural environment, the standards of consumption in one country or the travelling policies in that area and so on. However, many employers in […]

The Internal Blogging & Communication


Return on Investment of Social Media!

Return on investment is a key concept for investors to understand the percentage of money they will get back after they invest in a project. An ROI calculation is used along with other approaches to develop a business proposal. It is a way that allows companies to assess if their investments is profitable before the […]

Legal risks of Social Media for business

There is no doubt that social media are very powerful tools for business to build up their reputation. However, it is also a very easy tool to be abused by companies if they are consumed by greed. Commonly, companies have to face the issues of copyright infringement, defamation, confidential information and reputation risks due to wrongly use of social media. […]

Benefits of Enterprise 2.0

Implementing Enterprise 2.0 into a company, is that worth it? Enterprise 2.0 aims to achieve productivity, efficiency, staff engagement and reputation via Web 2.0 in an organization. To do so, Enterprise 2.0 does not need any IT professionals to take control of it. Basically it’s a free tool for any company to USE.  However, before […]

Web 1.0? Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 The big question this week is…What is Web 2.0? “2.0” seems to be redundant as normal everyday users only know what is “THE WEB”. However, for us IT professionals, “2.0” has a significant meaning behind it. Personally, I have rarely used any Web 2.0 tools at all apart from facebook and youtube, and […]