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Lightweight models and cost-effective scalability !

The final element in Tim O’Reilly’s web 2.0 patterns is “Lightweight models and cost-effective scalability”. Before web 2.0, companies need to create large scaled, complex, and costly websites with distributed computing that are difficult to manage and upgrade. Scalability in web 2.0 means making changes to cost efficiency, re-usability, processes and strategies in a business […]

Leveraging the long tail !

Leveraging the long tail! Nowadays, with the power of the Internet, people can just almost buying anything they want online. The Internet allowed products and information to be spread globally to different range of people. While common products have a broad range of market, unique and niche items usually have specific sub-groups of people they […]

Perpetual beta !

What is Perpetual Beta? Perpetual Beta is one of the web 2.0 patterns mentioned by Tim O’Reilly. When the word “beta” was mentioned in any software, most people think it is going to contain new, unstable and most of the time, incomplete features. However, “beta” doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Perpetual Beta is keeping the […]