Data is the next Intel Inside !

O’Reilly mentioned Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay has used their database efficiency to build up their popularity of the website, meaning that Web 2.0 applications are essentially data-base driven. Every day, users from all around the world are uploading and downloading valuable data online. Web 2.0 has become a tremendously development resource for people to connect with each other and gain information. Data is one of the most important value for Web 2.0 applications to be efficient and convenient to attract number of individuals to the website.
TestFreaks is a website that gather information about digital electronics, it provide manufacturers descriptions, specifications, user/professional reviews, prices, blog posts and more. Data is the most valuable asset in TestFreaks, as it gather user experiences on products to help others in maximizing the usability of the product.

1. Seek to own unique, hard to recreate source of data – the information available in TestFreaks allow user to post and comment on a product by analyzing the information from users, it has a unique review system.

2. Enhance the core data – TestFreaks has enhanced its data by asking reviewers to rate the product and create a “TestFreaks Badge” system. It allows users to effortlessly to view the score and reviews the product from other consumers in other e-commerce websites.

3. Let users control their own data – User are controlling the rating score of the product as well as their own comment.

4. Make some right reserved, but not all – TestFreaks has “All Rights Reserved” policy.

5. Define a data strategy – “TestFreaks” has created their website so that their data can be easily shared to other websites allowing consumers to view the pros & cons of the product.

6. Own the index, namespace, or format – “TestFreaks” doesn’t own any of the comment and its format are simpler compared with some other rating website.

7. Design data for reuse – The data in TestFreaks.com.au can not really be reuse, these data are only for users to review.

8. Outsource or supply data access management – “TestFreaks” supply their information to other e-commerce websites such as the Badge system.

“TestFreaks” is an excellent Web 2.0 application that demonstrate Tim O’Reilly’s ”Data is the next Intel inside” pattern.


4 comments on “Data is the next Intel Inside !

  1. Hi Leo

    TestFreaks is a good example of ‘Data is the next Intel inside’ pattern of Web 2.0. They let people do reviews for products and also have others people comment on the review as well. I think this is a good system that we can find good review for the product that we want since many electronic stuff are not cheap. I also like the TestFreaks badge system which encourage users to be active and also ensure users who read the review that they get the review from active users(Electronic Geek/Guru).

    Prapat W.

    • Hi Prapat,

      Yes I really think TestFreaks is a very good example of ‘Data is the next Intel inside’ pattern of Web 2.0. From now on I will always view the comment and score that why give in TestFreaks.


  2. Hi Leo,

    Using expertise data is another way to gain the advantage and be unique from other website. Furthermore, allowing users to engage and reviews score greatly add value to the data making the data more than just simple knowledge. In my opinion, I think that if TestFreaks reuse their data for things such as having a comparing system or benchmark where users can compare would be great.


    • hi Sukhshans,

      That is a really good idea, adding these feature will help TestFreaks to gain a lot of attention from user, because when we are looking at the comment of a product we often comparing it to another similar device we are looking at.


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