Increase Customer Engagement

Dont know why the blog that I did was gone missing after I uploaded. So I have to write this over again! Did it happen to anyone before?

Social media marketing is important for any business, no matter you are a small company or a major corporation. Most companies uses it to increase exposure for their business, which in result bring their sales to another level. But while companies recognize the importance of using social media, very few actually know how to integrate it to maximize its benefit. By using social media correctly will increase the customer engagement with your brand, therefore to generate more followers and possibly leads to a better sales.

When it come to buying a flight ticket for a holiday, there is one travel agent that I will always go to. It doesn’t have the lowest price, rewards card or it is close to where I live. But they salesman give me this comfortable and trust able feeling when I am purchasing the ticket or asking for information. So therefore I have some kind of engagement with the agent. So how can Global Journeys increase their customer engagement?  Customer Engagement is like a step after customer get its satisfaction. When a customer have its satisfaction with a certain brand, he or she will start to have engagement with the company and becomes a marketing person to promote for your product. There are 3 tips for Global Journeys to improve customer engagement. Understand and Track User Actions, analyse different metrics, such as the time and frequency customer visit the website/twitter as well as their actions. This allow Global Journeys to know when is the best time to upload a blog/tweets.  Deliver Their Needs, by providing the information the customer needs, such as price, promotion and destination. Allow customer to have a easy access to find their information. Evolve Your Service, having regular update and post as well as updating the service from customer feedback. Customers are likely to look back at the company for new update and offers. By doing this 3 points, will definitely increase their engagement with the customer, as a result to higher profit.

In my own word, a high levels of engagement deliver a better business results. By using social tools like twitter enable companies to understand what their customer need and increase customer loyalty when providing services.

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6 comments on “Increase Customer Engagement

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  2. Hi Leo,
    too bad for your post :0
    I wrote an article on the use of Pinterest for a travel agency. And I acutally found that this social network can also be an asset in customer engagement.
    Indeed, Pinterest have a potential for brands: they can interact with their audiences and visually attract current and potential customers. Using the power of image, GlobalJourneys could generate a buzz on their journeys and create more visually nice social experiences for their potential customers. Therefore, Pinterest could create a form of customer engagement. What do you think? 🙂

    • I have never heard of Pinterest before until you tell me so. I found that there are alot of nice photo on Pinterest, which I agree with you it will be good for Global Journeys to utilize to increase customer engagement. But until then I think Global Journeys should empathize on their existing social tools. The more tools that they use the more time they need to manage them, as a result it might be a downside on their finance. Do you think that I am right? =P

  3. Engagement is also important strategy for travel business. In a travel you don’t really know what will happen and you don’t really know that you’ll like it so it is crucial to make your customers comfortable and feel warm so that they trust us. People tends to go for the cheapest one but they’ll feel more comfortable to go on a travel with their trusted one. This is why social medias are needed to have engagement with customers. Get to know them better, and provide what they need the most.


    Prapat W.

  4. Hi Leo, a deep engagement with consumers is such an important element in business that is so luckily now available thanks to social media. we have organisation that are personified with personalities and that are able to engage the individual directly. As with any relationship in our lives, the mutual relationships we share with organisations so too become personal, and as is human nature; increases our loyalty to those who we know care and listen. Everyone knows that loyal customers account for the majority of a companies revenue.

    On a further note, I noticed you unfortunately lost what you wrote and had to rewrite your blog post? how frustrating! Sometimes when a browser refreshes or something loads wrong, or a web page times out, unsaved text can be lost. This has happened to me many times and can be demoralizing. However! I have found a solution. If you use the Google Chrome web browser (which you should), consider downloading the extension ‘Lazurus’, http://getlazarus.com/
    it auto-saves text you type into webforms! its saved me a couple of times so i highly recommend you give it a try.

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