Information sharing by Wiki

Global Journeys operates various types of coach touring and river cruise all over the world, and the actual conditions and environment in destinations changes frequently. The changes may include the weather, the natural environment, the standards of consumption in one country or the travelling policies in that area and so on. However, many employers in Queensland may not know about those actual changes in destinations which are far away from Australia, such as Europe and China. Have you ever try to ask for some information or features of the destinations where you are heading to but the travel agencies know nothing about it? This really made me uncomfortable for joining the tour.

Thus, this week I am going to describe the wiki strategy of information sharing that may help Global Journeys to gain higher level of customer satisfaction and reputation and also maintain a good system of relevant information. Global Journeys can build a topic that focus on gathering the actual and local information in different countries. Externally, this page can allow both internal employees who are currently working in that destinations and also customers to write, change and comment the content. Existing customers are likely to comment on this page and share their experience and tips with Global Journeys, employees in Europe can post the actual location and environment when they are travelling to different places. This really helps Global Journey to create and expand its reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers can easily find what they want to know in this topic also to post their feelings after travelled with Global Journeys. Internally, Global Journey should also create a corresponding topic for internal use, which can only be accessed by internal staff. This allows staffs to share the information that they do not want to publish, employees can also write suggestion for tours based on the changing conditions that they were aware of during trips.

Overall, Global Journeys can benefit from the strategy of sharing information in wiki to gain customer satisfaction and reputation. Wiki is a good platform that combines employees’ efforts, and achieve the effect of ‘one plus one is greater than two’. However, this is not the only one approach, for more information you can look at other blogs such as; Wiki inside and outside organization, Crowd-sourcing problems with wiki & Wiki and better brand awareness for Global Journeys.


7 comments on “Information sharing by Wiki

  1. Hi,
    It is true that different countries and places will have different climate or other information that could benefit the tour or the customers who are planning a trip to that location. Having a wiki can help keep the information that could be scattered all around in one place. The information can then benefit all users who are visiting the wiki and help Global Journey reputation as being an expert. Do you think the wiki should be separated in internal and external or one singular wiki?


    • I think a travel company should not have a singular wiki. Indeed, some questions should be asked internally as it could reveal a knowledge failure and would not be well seen by customers. In a context of a travel agency, reputation is very important so the company should always seem to have all the answers!
      I even think that an external wiki has to show as well that the company is competent so it should try to answer to all the customer’s questions itself or add complements when it can!

    • Hi

      I agree with mathilde, I think when Global Journeys using the wiki, they should create two separate Wiki for internal only and internal with customers. As I status that Global Journeys might have some information they wouldn’t want to share with customer. So for having two different Wiki will allow the employees to have better information flow.

  2. Information is everything related to travel and journey. No one want to travel with the information with the word “might”, “maybe”, or “I think”. For example, “The hotel might not be full”, “Maybe they have the Kayak coach “, “I think the trip is good”. People wants to make sure that their journey will be fun so everything should be clear. Wiki is one of the way Global Journey can use to clear all the doubts and anxiety that their customers have. This is to achieve the goal of getting more customer, and provide all the customer a memorable journey with Global Journey.


    Prapat W.

    • Hi Prapat,

      I agree with you that Global Journey can use Wiki to clear all the doubts and anxiety that their customers have. It also a way of saving customers time to look for the information that they needed.

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